The quality of a good product can be lost if it is inappropriately installed. That is why K.I.M. Nederland only uses own personnel for its installation work. Our proficient, motivated and VCA certified employees have a great sense of responsibility.

Sales department

Everything we do starts with you, our customer. We believe in the importance of listening to and looking at the market requirements and problems, in order that we can then translate them into solutions. This is what our organisation, and specifically our sales department, does on a daily basis. Time and again, they determine which solutions are best in keeping with the issues and questions posed by our customers.

Work planning and project supervision department

Our Work Planning and Project Supervision department has plenty of experience when it comes to the design, drawing and supervision of projects. Together with architects and clients, we produce economic, logistical and veterinary designs. Our employees are well versed in the ins and outs of legislation and building regulations. We can also provide you with detailed advice, tailored to your particular subject. Quality is first and foremost at all times.